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1. Eliminates need to buy special glove to hold thermal pack that may not match your activity.

2. Comfortably holds air activated thermal pack of your choice on the back of the hand.

3. Eliminates interference with hand performance & dexterity

4. Allows you to wear glove better suited for your activity

5. Keeps thermal pack directly off of skin per manufacturer’s directions



  •  Working outside in 11 degrees F for 30 min with light pair of leather work gloves.
  • Both hands begin at 85 degrees F.
  •  Hand with Top Hand Pocket and thermal pack 15 degrees F warmer than hand without pocket and warmer.
  • No Top Hand Pocket or thermal pack. Finger temperature 51 degrees F.
  •  With Top Hand Pocket and thermal pack. Finger temperature 66 degrees F.

Keeping hands and fingers warm and effective in cold outdoor activities is a challenge. There is no shortage of gloves to help overcome this challenge.


Ergonomic studies have shown that dexterity can decrease 52-55% in temperatures starting at just 52 degrees F. Dexterity can be further decreased due to the use of a bulky glove.


Top hands takes a different approach to solving this challenge by positioning and securing the thermal pack on the back of the hand instead of in the palm or using a special glove with a pocket designed into it that may not be suitable for your specific activity.


The finger and wrist loops keep the pocket and thermal pack inside the pocket, in position when taking gloves on or off.


Color and size selections available above.

Polar Pockets- Original Collection

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