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How Do You Keep Your Hands Warm Mountain Biking and Cycling?

Mountain Biking

So you are an athlete in football, soccer, hockey, baseball and all the other sports that can tend to fall in the winter months all over the world during practice or seasonal breaks. Many athletes and coaches ask how do we keep their heads active and warm? 

Your hands are the gateway to success in your athletic or sports career. Our pocket allows you to take it to the next level and have an edge during colder days and winter months!

We've invested and investigated into a new tech pocket you can slide onto your hand and apply a hot hand to it. The use is multifunctional and usable without gloves as well as temporary use can be advisable if needed.

With most people struggling with cold hands this is a great solution within that segment of people. The product can be used on your feet as well. In most cases, we see immediate results for people of this nature. The product has been designed with you in mind and at an affordable cost.

See how to use the Top Hands Pocket below.

Sincerely from the Ledingham's local ranchers in Colorado who developed this product much needed within the community,

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Remove thermal pack from packaging and follow manufacturer’s instruction.
We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes.


Put your thermal hand warmer into the Top Hand Pocket.


Slide hand through wrist loop. Place finger loops over index and pinky fingers.


Use your pocket with or without gloves and enjoy warmer hands no matter your activity.

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